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Cars introduction ~ Video

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Cars introduction


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Introduction to classic cars

As government regulations threaten to engineer much of the character out of modern cars,
as our roads become more congested and dangerous, and die air we breathe gets more
contaminated, we can look back to the “classic” era of the 1950s and 1960s as the romantic Golden Age of the motorcar. In Europe, more and better mass-produced cars were seen as a liberating force for families previously restricted to public transport.

In North America, cars simply got bigger, reflecting the wealth and confidence of the
most powerful nation on earth. Traffic was yet to reach its often gi*idloeked state of today,
petrol was much cheaper and, in Britain at least, there were no speed restrictions on the newly opened motorways.

Before the mergers and close-downs of the 1970s, buyers could choose from a far wider
range of makes reflecting national identities. The Japanese motor industry, later so
dominant, was not even a speck on the horizon in the 1950s and 1960s. In engineering and
styling, loo, cars tended to be more varied and individual — you could tell an Austin from a
Morris, a Vauxhall from a Volvo without having to look at the badge. Safety was optional: it
was speed, glamour and style that sold cars, and in the 50s and early 60s nobody had even
begun to think of the exhaust-emission regulations that would strangle power outputs in the
70s. Back then, the motorcar was our servant. Now, through its very proliferation, it has
become our master. In this book, we celebrate the glory days and beyond and the
marvellous machines which rode through them, fixing in our cultural consciousness
a picture of the ideal motor – the classic car.

The Classic Era

Today we’re hooked on nostalgia. As hopeless escapists, nothing feeds our need
better than an old car – a classic car. After the Second World War, the motorcar came of
age. As more and more people around the world took to the road, manufacturers began
to stretch the boundaries. The makers set styling, engineering and safety trends in an
increasingly competitive market: speeds increased; styling and engineering became
more adventurous; many devices we take for granted today, like disc brakes, four-
wheel drive (4-WD) and automatic transmission, became widely used. The 1950s,
1960s and to an extent the 1970s and early 1980s were the most fertile period for the
motorcar, a classic era and a perfect breeding ground for the classic car we cherish
today, be it limousine or economy runabout, sportscar or apparently humdrum saloon.

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