Jan 15 2020

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Visit texas travel guide


Travel blogs, travel photos and features from the great state of Texas

Texas Travel Guide

The ultimate guide to the coolest things to do and see in Texas

The Lone Star State: there are so many stereotypes about my home state but it’s not all Stetsons and country music (except sometimes it is) and I’m here to tell you there are many great reasons to visit Texas and it has loads of cool stuff to do. Start here with my basic Texas travel tips, or jump down below to read my latest Texas travel blogs.

Popular Texas Travel Blogs

When to Visit

If you’re coming to Texas to experience the outdoors (which you should), perhaps the best time to visit is fall, as that’s when the oppressive heat has lessened and temperatures are more bearable. However, summer is still a great time to visit the Lone Star State, especially if you’re coming for the city life as it’s when things are the most bustling.

Best Things To Do

Eat the food – In Texas, it’s all about the brilliant blend of cultural foods, affectionately called Tex-Mex. Oh, and barbecue! You can’t come to this state and not gorge yourself on tacos, burritos, nachos and enchiladas. Don’t forget the other local Texan delights such as snow cones and devilled eggs.

Pool time! – The best lazy afternoons in Texas are spent by the pool. Being in the water is such an integral part of life in Texas, especially in the searingly hot summers, so make sure to pack your swimsuit!

Experience the hipster cities – Dallas, Houston and Austin are all surprisingly cool cities with a lot to offer in terms of events nightlife, hipster hangouts, shopping opportunities, independent coffee shops and bookstores.

Texas Tours

As the largest of the Lower 48, and quintessentially American, Texas is perfect for road tripping. Rent a car and just start driving! Along the way, there are a few places worth taking a tour with someone knowledgeable, such as the NASA Space Center in Houston, the Natural Bridge Caverns in San Antonio or the Fredericksburg County wine region. Check out these recommended tours below.

LGBT – Gay Texas Travel Guide

Texas might have a reputation for not being so LGBT-friendly, but its cities are great places to go all out gay! Here’s a quick overview of what you need to know about the gay life in Texas’ biggest cities.

Dallas – With loads of great options for shopping for men, Dallas actually is home to one of the most gay-friendly neighbourhoods in all America: Oak Lawn. Cedar Springs Road is where it’s at, and you don’t have to go far along this very gay street to find cocktail bars with rainbow flags, drag shows and karaoke nights.

Austin The ‘weird’ city in Texas, Austin is perhaps the most sex-positive in the state. Though not specifically gay, check out an air sex championship (think air guitar, but sexier) while you’re in town, peruse the toys at the welcoming and well-lit Forbidden Fruits, or get sweaty at the all men’s Midtowne Spa.

Houston H-town is surprisingly gay, with some gay party or other happening pretty much every night of the week. If you’re in the mood for something cultural though, you’re in luck as Houston has perhaps the longest LGBT history of any city in the state, which is documented at the Gulf Coast Archive & Museum of Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual & Transgender History.

Texas Hotel Deals

The choice of accommodation in Texas runs the gamut from cheap highway motels to luxury boutique hotels, so even in the big cities you can always find a deal to suit your budget. I’ve always found that using, or Hotels Combined I get the best deals especially for last-minute trips.

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