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Used-Car Loan Rates

Current Average Loan Rate (APR)*

Several factors can affect a car loan’s interest rate: the lender, the loan’s term length, your credit rating and the age of the used car you’re considering. Read more

*Rates are averages and may change on an individual basis. Used car auto loan rates provided by

Used-Car Financing & Warranty FAQs

Can you lease a used car?

Most dealers don’t offer leasing on used cars, but used cars that were leased when new and are now for sale provide some benefits, such as good condition and low miles.

How do I finance a used car?

Using the dealership’s lender is convenient, but it’s best to shop around at banks and credit unions ahead of time so you’ll know whose rate is best when you’re at a dealership. This research may take a few days but can be well worth the time.

Are loan rates higher for used cars?

Yes, loan rates are higher overall for used versus new cars, but they may be better if the car is factory-certified pre-owned because manufacturers may offer attractive interest rates to promote CPO sales. Before financing with a dealer, bank or credit union, check the national average interest rates for used cars at

How do I know if I can afford the payments?

You can estimate your payments here using’s finance calculators. You should have a down payment of at least 20 percent, financing lasting no longer than four years and a principal, interest and insurance total not exceeding 10 percent of your gross household income.

Are extended warranties worth the money?

Extended warranties offer peace of mind, but apart from the coverage included with factory-certified pre-owned cars, additional plans come with a price that studies have shown to be higher than the benefits you can claim in repairs.

What warranty comes with a used car?

Initial warranties are limited by the miles and age of a car, so if the car has higher miles, original warranties may no longer apply. Also note that warranties don’t always transfer to subsequent buyers. Check the vehicle manufacturer’s specifications for warranty limits.

What is a bumper-to-bumper warranty and what does it cover?

Often called a basic warranty or new-vehicle warranty, a bumper-to-bumper policy covers components such as air conditioning, audio systems, vehicle sensors, fuel systems and major electrical components. Most policies exclude regular maintenance such as fluid top-offs and oil changes, but a growing number of brands have separate free-maintenance provisions. Bumper-to-bumper warranties typically expire faster than powertrain warranties. Terms are typically three years or 36,000 miles, although some have terms as high as six years or 60,000 miles. Check the vehicle manufacturer’s specifications for bumper-to-bumper warranty limits.

Certified Used Cars

What does CPO mean?

A certified pre-owned or CPO car has been inspected to meet minimum quality standards and typically includes some type of warranty. While dealers and third parties certify cars, the gold standard is an automaker-certified vehicle that provides a factory-backed warranty, often extending the original coverage. Vehicles must be in excellent condition and have low miles and wear to be certified, which is why off-lease vehicles feed many CPO programs.

News & Tips When Buying a Car

Breaking stories and useful tips from experts help you shop smart.

Car-Buying Advice

First-timers and veterans shopping new or used cars: know what to remind yourself to do, ask and learn, from verifying the condition to closing the sale.

Latest News, Updates & Trends

Whether or not you are a car person, make sure you are aware of trends or news that may affect your search, financing or how you purchase.

Help for First-Time Buyers

Learn how to prepare; what to watch out for, ways get the most for your money, and how to complete the transaction at the dealer or with a seller.

Used-Car Shopping Tips

Yes, there are ways to protect yourself and get the best used car around. Know whether to buy certified pre-owned, how to finance and more.

Pointers for Buying CPO

Explore whether certified pre-owned is best for you, pros and cons, what to ask and compare, and how to find the best programs and incentives.

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