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Cheapest car price ^ Video

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Cheapest car price


Best Car Insurance Quotes


Cheapest Car Insurance in South Africa

If you are looking for Cheap Car Insurance quotes in South Africa, then you need to spend just one minute filling out the form below and we will make sure that you receive quite possibly the Cheapest Car Insurance Quotes in South Africa. Do this now!

N.B. Your information is confidential, and will never be sold or rented to anyone. It is only used to provide you with the best possible insurance quote based on your personal criteria.

Not only is it worth your while to look for cheap car insurance quotes, but I think it’s only reasonable to question what exactly you are getting for your monthly premiums. Not all quotes are the same, so you would be well advised to check not only the exact details of the insurance amounts, but things like the excess and the smaller items like additional drivers, are you insured in another country? Are you insured on a gravel road? Some people take it for granted and assume that all insurance quotes are going to give you the same value. Not so – you need to do some homework and try establish the criteria for when you might need extra insurance, and what that’s going to cost you.

Cheapest Car Insurance Quotes Online

Cheaper is not always better – and more is not always cheaper – just find the best value that gives you adequate cover – then you will have found the cheapest car insurance quote for your needs.

It’s not always possible to end up with the same criteria, but if you know what you need, and you know what you don’t need, (possibly car rental for emergencies – do you really need this?) then you are in a better position to make sense of the monthly premium totals. Another thing to consider carefully is the person liability cover. Often insurance companies will “upsell” an additional liability cover for a small premium increase – sounds good, but do you really need it, just because it’s cheap?

Also, will your monthly premiums increase if you make a claim? Some insurance brokers are pegging you in at your current monthly payments regardless if you claim or not and others will allow you an accident every few year without increasing your monthlies. I suppose it all depends on what you are personally comfortable with – assuming that driving a car is inherently risky. Otherwise you might be better off just taking the bus (just kidding)!

Getting the cheapest insurance in South Africa

In order for you to get the cheapest car insurance, you would need to shop around with as many car insurance companies in South Africa as you possibly can and then compare car insurance quotes. Now obviously this is going to be an exhausting task, but it will be worth discovering which car insurance companies are prepared to offer you comprehensive car insurance at the lowest price. You see each insurer knows what your car is worth and so the replacement cost of the car is know – but what is not know is your personal risk profile that is used to determine how likely you are to be in an accident. Or even worse would be you causing an accident, which results in a car insurance claim which is going to cost them money.

Finding the cheapest car insurance in South Africa might take some time, as not all the affordable car insurance companies are contactable with an online car insurance quote – you might have to pick through a list and call the lesser known ones yourself to find the best car insurance for your personal risk profile. However, their are a few ways for you to reduce the risk of owning a car:

You could install a vehicle tracking device – this will results in cheaper car insurance premiums – but obviously you will then be paying more towards the actual service for this tracking device. Some of the better know services are,, and – all of which will result in cheaper car insurance for you!

Another way of reducing the cost of car insurance is by using telematics. Telematics works by having one of the same tracking companies provide the motor insurance company with your cars movement patterns which gives them much more detailed information about your driving style and the kinds of risks you take. For instance, if you pull away fast and then proceed to speed around corners, the telematics tracking will send these sudden acceleration and hard braking data to the car insurance companies who in turn might advise you that you need to calm down or risk an increase in premiums. Yes, they will notify you of your poor driving style if you race around!

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