Mar 23 2020

Classic car names #Classic #car #names

Classic car names


Classic car names

Long time Milwaukee native Bob Birmingham created a recently published book entitled Mis-Shifting. In it he recalls the wonderful 1950s and 1960s people, cars and events that were important to the development of motorsports in America’s Midwest and beyond. Of special interest to Excalibur folks are 13 pages and a like number of photographs of Brooks Stevens, his sons David and Steve, grandson Tony, the irrepressible Alice Preston, automobiles displayed in the museum showroom, the first Excalibur J cars, Mercebaker, Hawk, the Mk VI go-kart and of course your passion and mine, the magnificent SS.
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Here are 3 samples of a Stainless Steel end caps, cast and polished. We are thinking of making these if we have enough interest. They will be costly, but will also last forever and look so much nicer on the car.
Please let us know if you would be interested in a set of these? They will be around $275 to $300 for the set (8 Pieces). Pre-orders would be nice as we do not have the funds to make the amount needed to keep the pricing at that low rate.


Camelot Classic Cars was born of Brooks Stevens Auto Museum and Excalibur Auto Corp. Upon the demise of both Camelot was born.

I (Alice Preston) worked for the auto Museum until it closed in 1999. Before that I was the supervisor of research and development at Excalibur Automobile Corp.

When the Museum closed I opened Camelot Classic Cars to keep the Excalibur cars in parts and repairs. In 2001 I purchased the assets and all trademarks and names of Excalibur Automobile Corp. after it went into receivership. Our main goal is to keep these cars on the road as long as possible and continue the legacy of this great automobile.

The AACA has added the Excalibur Automobile to it’s list of 2nd generation collector cars into the AACA we consider that an honor to Mr. Stevens and the quality of our cars.

We do business all over the world for both restoration and parts.
Alice Preston and Staff

Dear Second Generation Collector Vehicles Enthusiasts:

The Antique Automobile Club of America (AACA) has created competition class 35c for the Second Generation Collector Vehicles (SGCV) beginning in 2012. SGCV vehicles include, but are not limited to, Avanti (1986 and newer up to 25 years of age), Clenet, Duesenberg II, Excalibur, Pray Auburn, Pray Cord, Shay Model A, Shay Thunderbird, and Zimmer.

As in the past, the owner of each specific vehicle must apply in writing for acceptance by the AACA SGCV committee. This ensures that only those vehicles produced by the manufacturers are eligible to compete in class 35c at AACA meets. Competition class 35c is just like any other competition class in the AACA. Vehicles will be point judged and may compete for the Junior, Senior, Preservation, Grand National, and Grand National awards. Owners may also request “Do Not Judge” for their vehicle and join other SGCV vehicles in class 35c.

In the past the SGCV vehicles were in a “display and evaluation” class. Please contact me for additional information and clarification.

Mike Petersen
AACA SGCV Committee Chairman

EXCALIBUR is the only true hand-crafted luxury car built in America.
EXCALIBUR was the fourth largest American automobile manufacturer.
Each EXCALIBUR has its own unique, federally-mandated Vehicle ID Number (VIN), i.e., Excalibur is not a conversion of a mass–produced automobile.
EXCALIBUR is the only American automobile manufacturer to build its own chassis.
EXCALIBUR’S fiberglass is hand layed. It is twice the thickness of a Corvette
EXCALIBUR’S have depreciated less over time than a Mercedes Benz, Cadillac or Lincoln.
EXCALIBUR’S complete exhaust system, grill and all metal trim is constructed from stainless steel.
EXCALIBUR has been manufacturing automobiles for over a quarter of a century.
Virtually every EXCALIBUR ever built is still on the road.
EXCALIBUR is the only American automobile manufacturer that will completely disassemble, rebuild and restore any older model to like-new condition.
EXCALIBUR’S do not go out of style.
EXCALIBUR Automobile Corporation’s only business is the manufacture and merchandising of Excalibur Automobiles (we don’t manufacture trailers, motor homes, boats, etc.).
EXCALIBUR Automobile Corporation can supply parts for any model year, regardless of age.
EXCALIBUR custom sews and fits all leather upholstery, trim and vinyl tops.

New Special Offers in Apparel and Accessories
News About The Excalibur Automobile’s Fate
Books – Repair Manual for Series I and Series II & III drawing book w/part numbers now offered.
Series I Exhaust Manifolds now offered.
Check out the Excaliburs For Sale


1. We do complete factory restorations as well as partial restorations.
2. We will fly, at your expense, to inspect a car before you purchase it.
3. We will fly our mechanic to you for repairs of your car.
4. We appraise cars.
5. We will find the exact car you are looking for.
6. We will list your Excalibur or antique automobile on our web site to help you sell it.


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