Mar 25 2020

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Car price app


Car price app

Use India’s De facto industry standard for used vehicle pricing to get the fair market price of any used vehicle under 10 seconds for free.

Use OBV to make sure you get paid what buyer is willing to pay versus suffering from huge markup margin of a middleman.

Used Vehicle Dealer

Acquire used vehicle for reselling with no markup margin of a middleman using OBV.

New Vehicle Dealer

Get OBV for exchange vehicle valuation to acquire and dispose of any vehicle efficiently.

Bank and NBFCs

Use OBV Pricing certification services before writing-off auto loan for used vehicles.

Insurance Companies

Calculate right Insured Declared Value (IDV) of any used vehicle using OBV.

Ride & Taxi Hailing Companies

Help the drivers acquire mint condition vehicles with used vehicle pricing certification from OBV.

Repo Companies

Dispose of a repossessed vehicle with pricing certificate for a faster transaction.

Web Publisher

Anyone who has a website can earn more money by deploying OBV widget running on Javascript. Widgets are available in different dimensions. Send inquiries on [email protected]


I consulted many used vehicle dealers but couldn’t get a satisfactory price. Then I heard about Orange Book Value from a friend, and using it helped me to purchase at right price.

Satish Gupta
(New Delhi)

As the used vehicle market is unorganized, it is difficult to find the right price for a vehicle. In this case, Orange Book Value comes as a bliss and that’s how I got the confidence to buy a used vehicle.

Joydeepta Biswas

I used to transact 10-15 cars in a month and main problem was arriving at the fair price which has now become easier thanks to Orange Book Value.

Dinesh Bansal
(Used Car Dealer, New Delhi)

Many customers come to us who do not have a fair idea about the price of vehicle. OBV helps them understand the fair market price of any car and they get the confidence to purchase a used vehicle.

Rimpa Chadha
(Used Car Dealer, New Delhi)

We used to face many problems as customer always negotiated on the price proposed by us. Now customers are satisfied and comfortable to buy at the price suggested by OBV.

Vishal Jain
(Used Car Dealer, New Delhi)

Orange Book Value helps us a lot in reducing the negotiations and now it takes less time for the deal to mature.

Satnam Singh
(Used Car Dealer, New Delhi)

As the world moves towards internet for information requirements, it was natural for car sellers and buyers to move towards internet for quicker information. In that respect I appreciate the initiative taken by Droom in launching Orange Book Value.

Arpit Mahendra
(Editor Auto, Financial Express – Digital)

Many people are willing to sell and buy but they are not sure of the price. That is where the Orange Book Value comes and plugs in the gap.

Jagdish Khattar
(Founder & CEO, Carnation Auto)

Pricing of used four wheeler and two wheeler has been a big trouble for buyers and sellers as there was no standardization of pricing. Orange Book Value uses data science to develop a standard price for any particular vehicle which is going to help the industry a lot, as well as buyers and sellers.

Nabil Khan
(Editor, ET Auto)

The tool can be used by insurance companies to insure the vehicles. Currently such data is picked through market feedback which results in non-standard data quality. OBV helps in standardizing the prices.

Indraneel Chatterjee
(Co-founder, RenewBuy)

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What is OBV

Orange Book Value is a platform that helps in determining the fair market price of used vehicles. It is basically an algorithmic pricing engine that suggests market value of used cars, used bikes and used scooters. Questions like what is the value of my used car or used bike come to our mind when we decide to sell it off. However, we do not get to understand the proper valuation of our vehicles.

In order to come up with a proper used car valuation or used bike valuation, Orange Book Value uses real time data science to value depreciation of automobiles. It helps the sellers put a fair price in front of the buyer, and for the buyers, it helps them get a product that serves great value for their money. This is a service by droom, which was founded by Sandeep Aggarwal.

Orange Book Value works as an independent value calculator for cars, bikes and scooters that determines second-hand vehicle prices. It uses Droom’s proprietary technology and data science to come up with fair market price of used cars, bikes and scooters, and utilises scientific data to get the exact value for the vehicle. The primary objective of this used-vehicle price guide is to get the fair market price for second-hand vehicles.

Another reason for using Orange Book Value is its unbiased results that help in obtaining reliable data on used-vehicle pricing. Also, it is the kind of valuation tool for used scooters, bikes and cars that calculates the data on real-time basis with a scientific method of suggesting their current market value.

How Does it Work?

To get the fair market price of your used vehicle, you need to follow just four simple steps. At first, you need to select the purpose, that means whether you want to buy or sell the vehicle. After that you need to select the category of used vehicle, which is whether you have a used car, bike or scooter. The next step is selecting the parameters such as make, model, year, trim, etc., of the product for which you need to get the correct market valuation. The market value of your used bike, car or scooter will highly depend on the condition of the vehicle and the kms driven. After that, you will get the exact valuation of your vehicle through Orange Book Value.

Benefits of OBV

Orange Book Value helps buyers to understand the fair value of a used car, bike or scooter. This way, the buyer will not have to guess the price of a used car or bike and can be satisfied with price that he/she is paying for the product. For sellers, it helps in determining the best market value for their used vehicle. This valuation tool for used cars and bikes creates a transparency in the overall process. This is a pricing guide for used cars, used bikes and used scooters that helps in quick selling of second-hand vehicles. For banks and NBFCs, it helps in getting the fair pricing of used vehicles that further enhances the process of loan approvals. For insurance companies as well, the real-time data obtained through scientific calculation helps in obtaining the current valuation of the second-hand cars, bikes and scooters.

OBV Methodology

Being the most advanced algorithmic and data science-based value calculator, Orange Book Value is the most accurate valuation tool for used cars, bike and scooters in India. Unlike other pricing engines, Orange Book Value utilises Droom’s proprietary data science methodologies and latest technologies to get the correct pricing of used cars, bikes and scooters depending upon various factors that lead to value depreciation such as make, model, trim, data for kms driven that is obtained through odometer reading, current condition of the vehicle that includes wear and tear, dents, major repair works, etc. A vehicle that is well-maintained and kept in good shape gets to score more in the OBV methodology and gets a better market value.

Appropriate Condition

Orange Book Value calculates the valuation of a used car, bike or scooter according to different parameters that cause value depreciation of second-hand vehicles. When pricing engine comes up with a particular result based on the make, year of manufacture, trim of the vehicle, odometer reading that decides the total number of kms driven and the physical and mechanical condition of the vehicle, the used cars and bikes are rated on its basis. These ratings include Excellent, Very Good, Good and Fair. While Excellent and Very Good signify a healthy used car, Good and Fair indicate that it has problem with some of the parts and needs special attention and repairing.


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