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Internet car sites


The 20 most useful car websites

12:01AM BST 28 Apr 2008

From fast cars to used cars, from cools cars to hybrid cars, if you have a motoring question there’s bound to be a website that can tell you the answer – and much more. There’s even one that tells you how to avoid speeding fines.

Do Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May drive you crazy? These days, there are hundreds of websites devoted to all aspects of motoring, including prices, renting a car, motorbikes, scooters, petrol prices, insurance and much more. Here, we’ve chosen the best 20 car websites – including the Top Gear page – to help you get the most from your motor.

News, features and reviews – and not a glimpse of Jeremy Clarkson.

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The definitive site for classic motors from a 1928 Bugatti to a 1960s Porsche and beyond.

Tips, chat and spares for keeping your VW love wagon on the road.

Monthly satire on the motoring world. Sometimes hit and miss but proves that drivers can have a sense of humour.

Reviews and advice on environmentally friendly vehicles from people who know about cars, not just the environment.

The full monty on buying a new or used car. Plus maintenance tips and a new Ultraviolet column for female motorists.

Informed, inspiring, idiotic – whatever your view, the driversdriving site keeps pulling them in.

Maps, routes and directions throughout the UK and continental Europe, presented with added panache.

Don’t pay over the odds with the trade’s longest running used-car price guide.

Informative and well designed directory of car stuff across the web.

Generates quotes from more than 400 car insurance firms. Better than ringing around.

Ultra-luxury car hirefrom a Lamborghini Coupé to a Corniche Convertible.

The car club of the future. Hundreds of VW Golfs rentable by the hour. Mostly London-based but expanding.

Everything you wanted to know about British Leyland, from factory layouts to mystery cars.

DVLA Personalised Registrations

Personalised number plates that don’t cost the earth.

Institute of Advanced Motoring

Learn to drive like a pro. Still a little Home Counties but driving gloves optional.

UK Driving Secrets Challenge parking tickets, avoid speeding fines, get penalty points legally removed from your licence: an ex traffic cop reveals all – at a price.

Find the cheapest garage in your area.

The Motorcycle Listings

Biker-run directory of motorcycling resources in the UK.

Vintage and modern scooters, parts and servicing – plus a great range of frothy-coffee machines to go with them.


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