Car Detailing San Diego

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Car Detailing San Diego, NEF2.COM

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We believe that less is less. When you pay less elsewhere you are likely getting less. We recognize that there are a lot of choices in San Diego but we are confident that you will not receive better service for a cheaper price anywhere else! Period.


Operating since 2003 we have a keen knowledge of all makes and models and what makes a customer satisfied.


Convenience. Our feature auto spa and paint coating facility is conveniently located right in the heart of San Diego Kearny Mesa which is one of the most central locations in San Diego. We have a cozy waiting area complete with flat screen TV and DVD player. We also offer mobile service that can come to your home or office.


We are a satisfaction guarantee company. Our goal is to establish lasting relationships by providing the highest level of service at a fair price.


We carry full Garage Keepers Insurance. Most companies carry only general liability. This means that if they hurt themselves on the job they are covered. However, under general liability your vehicle is not protected. Be careful about having uninsured or underinsured companies working on, or driving your car. Our staff is highly trained, employed legally, insured, and covered under workers comp.


We are an eco-conscious detail company. We offer both “water-less”, and traditional style washing. Our traditional style wash is used when needed and we capture and dispose of the used water properly. This means we are as green as possible, but not at the expense of your paint job.

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