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PrognoCIS EMR Vs. SigmaCare

PrognoCIS EMR Review
Updated: May 15, 2017

PrognoCIS EMR Overview
PrognoCIS EMR is an electronic medical record solution designed to help physicians collect and store data from their patients with easy and strong security. The fully-integrated practice solution consists of patient portals, medical billing, EMR software and practice management.

Bizmatics, the company behind PrognoCIS EMR, was founded back in 2002,is based in the Silicon Valley and serves practices in the United States, Puerto Rico and the Caribbean.

PrognoCIS EMR Average Rating
This software product is not yet rated

PrognoCIS EMR Typical Customers
PrognoCIS EMR is suitable for medical administrators, physicians, hospitals and health systems that are looking for encounter management and clinical workflow managing solution. The solution can be used for different specialties including cardiology, dermatology, neurology, oncology, family practice and others.

SigmaCare Review
Updated: May 13, 2017

SigmaCare Overview
When SigmaCare first opened its doors in 2005, healthcare information technology for LTPAC and senior living was still in its infancy. Solutions primarily focused on billing and MDS, with little adoption of clinical technology. SigmaCare leaders decided to take a different approach; they built an EHR with advanced clinical decision support and analytics, empowering management with better visibility into their operations and providing tools to clinicians to allow them to make more informed decisions at the point of care. At the heart of the SigmaCare EHR is the resident, with the process beginning with orders and assessments and following the resident across the clinical workflow. The result: An EHR that fosters better resident care and improves financial outcomes.

SigmaCare Average Rating
This software product is not yet rated

SigmaCare Typical Customers
Small business, Medium business, Large business


PrognoCIS EMR Alternatives

Some of the main competitors for PrognoCIS HR are Electronic Medical Assistant and MediTouch.

MediTouch is a customizable solution for medical practices and includes patient management, electronic health records and medical billing. There is also a patient portal to engage with doctors for treatment and with administration for appointments, payments, medicine and testing. IPads are available for use by medical staff with electronic medical charts to aid in clinical diagnosis, patient history and test reviews. Additionally all insurance claims are settled through a clearinghouse which validates them to ensure proper submission and higher reimbursement rates.

In comparison PrognoCIS HR provides a similar solution that is based on a variety of med

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