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Oracle alert log error e-mail

Oracle Database Tips by Donald BurlesonConsulting

Its important to monitor the Oracle alert log and send alerts when serious errors are logged into the alert log. Also note that you must manage multiple alert logs in RAC.

It can take weeks to write a comprehensive set of intelligent scripts to scan the alert logs for important massages. If you don t want to write your own custom scripts, see my Oracle script download.

There are many approaches to detecting alert log messages and sending e-mail alerts:

  • Ion for Oracle – The Ion tool has complete mechanisms for setting custom alert log extracts.
  • SQL against the alert log – You can define the alert log file as an external table and detect messages with SQL.
  • Scripts – Write OS shell scripts to detect alert log messages.
  • PL/SQL – You can write a SQL*Plus procedure using utl_file to read the alert log.
  • In 11g and beyond, you can directly query the alert log with SQL, using x$dbgalertext .

Also see these notes on reading the alert log file and sending alert messages:

Sample alert log monitoring scripts

Laurent Baylac has this example script to use utl_file to scan for alert log messages:

set head on
set echo off
set verify off
set feedback off
set pagesize 5000
set tab off

set serverout on

exec dbms_output.enable( 1000000)

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